Our Wish

Ronnie Gaspard Clay Shoot

Before my dad had his open heart surgery,  he made the comment to someone while playing golf.
“If the good Lord takes me, I want you to know that I have had one hell of a ride.”

If you knew Ronnie, you knew that was true. Our hope is that by giving a child their wish
they might have the chance to fulfill some hope or dream before their short life is taken from them.Our goal for this non-profit organization is to raise money annually for the Make-A-Wish Foundation by holding a Clay Shoot in memory of Ronnie Gaspard. Ronnie spent his life giving back to others. And now that he is no longer with us, we would like to honor his name by continuing his generosity to others.If we can help at least 3-5 children achieve their goals and dreams annually, then we feel accomplished.
We believe that every child who is dealing with the horrible day to day issues of hospitals, medicine and testing should have some kind of relief or something to look forward to.


The Gaspard Family

Make A Wish